We Are Minor Threat Junior Roller Derby

The Misfits


Row 1: Bat Hit Crazy, Bloody Knuckles, Bubblegum Kenway, California Roll, Comet, Darth Mauliver

Row 2: Eater of Worlds, Evil Eye, Jet Starr, Lil KK, Lil Psycho, Little 'Blue' Savage

Row 3:  Mad Hatter, Naughty Nadia, Pain in the Grass, Powderkeg Meg, Pushy Longstocking, Radioactive

Row 4:  Sir Smarticus, Tank Girl

Grey Matter

Row 1:  Bubblegum Kenway, Darth Mauliver, Evil Eye, Fierce Wolf, Fruity Punch, Impatience

Row 2: Jet Starr, Laney Bug, Little 'Blue' Savage, Lord of the Rink, Mad Hatter, Pain in the Grass

Row3:  Pushy Longstocking, Radioactive, Tank Girl, Tiny Terror, Tricerastops, Twisted Tiger

The Clash

Row 1: Black & Blueberry, Bubblegum Kenway, Cupcake, Divalicious, E.O.D., Evie Knievel

Row 2: Fierce Wolf, Fruity Punch, Glam-Her Slam-Her, Impatience, Laney Bug,  Lord of the Rink

Row 3:Manlge, Mean Bean, Pain In The Grass, Princess Bubblescum,Pushy Longstocking, Quiet Riot

Row 4: Tank Girl, Tiny Terror, TriceraStops, Twisted Tiger,  X Games

Not Pictured: Wasabi

Ankle Biters

Black Monach, Lilly, Molly, Lil Foxtrot

Coaches, Refs, Administration

Coaches: Java, Korpse, Pink, Scarlet, Tory

Administration: Mommy Dearest

Refferees: Trotsky (head ref), T-Rock