Skater of the Month

August 2018


Bat Hit Crazy

How I chose my derby name:  my family came up with it at dinner one night.

Derby Number: 2..Yuno Gasai was the 2nd diary holder in Mirai Nikki.  She looked cute and friendly but was secretly badass. I thought it suited derby pretty well.

Derby Story: I had a really good friend in Milwaukee who played & took me to games. When we moved to St. Louis I was really upset that we moved right before I could join her league.  My mom reached out to others who wanted to start a junior derby league and here we are.

Derby vs. Other Sports: In lots of team sports you have 1 star player that can end up doing most of the playing.  In derby everyone has to rely on each other. And then you get put on opposite teams and beat each other up again.

Favorite thing about derby:  I love doing things with the team outside of derby.  On the track I love to block.

Favorite MTJRD memory so far: We were getting our butts handed to us against West Kentucky but our spirits were lifted by Bubblegum Kenway telling bad jokes over the microphone.

Comments from teammates:

"She has helped me a lot"

"She is nice"

"don't stop rolling"

"She is really fast & funny! Keep roller Skating!"

"She is always ready to help"

"She is a great partner"

"She is so awesome at everything"

"She is awesome"

"She has the best sleepovers"

"good blocker and nice"